Dr. Chukwuh, a Homoeopathic Physician, Naturopath, Philosopher, Mystic, Occultist, a health
instructor, a researcher and a servant and Custodian of some esoteric wisdom. A house hold
name in Africa. A master whose life long studies of spiritual thought and emotion have brought
him recognition while his humanistic and sympathetic insight have endeared and earned him
many titles and recognitions from thousands. His works are everywhere and his name stands
high in the minds of those who donít even know him in person.

He is the founder of ESOTERIC WORLD DISCOVERY LTD.  A Spiritual Scientific Research
Center, and supplier of aids to all mystical mediations. A source of ideas and concept for all
spiritual creative achievements and material accomplishments whose aims and purposes are
wholly spiritual, philosophical and humanitarian.

Dr. Chukwuh is a Nigerian; He studied Public Administration in the Higher Institution,
community health aids in school of health technology. A spiritual call of nature,critcal
environmental experience and his willingness to help the weak and mankind in general led him
to study  astrology, white and black magic in Unidsgharl spiritual chambers India, including
herbal medicine known as alternative medicine and Homeopathy in the former Indian school of
Homeopathy and Spiritualism Ijebu Ode, Ogun State of Nigeria. Where He lived and worked with
Chief Dr. R.A. Agbojo for many years. DR.R.A. Agbojo was one of the greatest African
Spiritualist who taught his students, the difference between white and black magic, fortune
telling and real herbal practice.

He also spent some years with Dr. Offulumuo K.O. at Obankpa in the former Bendel State of
Nigeria. Dr Offulumuo was one of the greatest African herbalists who lived in our generation. He
was a spirit in human form. Chief Dr. Chukwuh had traveled to many parts of the world in
search of spiritual wisdom and today he is an expert in the profession ready to compete with
anybody or group.

Between 1991­-1996, He served as Secretary General of Trado-medical practitioners of Nigeria,
Imo and Abia State chapters. He is a member of the West African Herbalists and Spiritualists
Protection and Renewal Association [WAHSPRA] and the Global Spiritual Philosophers Agency
[GLOSPA] whose objectives include complete eradication of spiritual fraud throughout the world.

There are also many Teachers, Instructors, and spiritualists who do not know him intimately,
consequently their personal relations to him may not be quite cordial because, may be, he had
taken large numbers of their students, customers or clients. However, their appreciation of his
character and work are almost unbounded, for they realize and know that from the point of
another Teacher or master, he stands upright as a great figure in the field of alternative
medicine and Scientific Spiritualism, which makes the impossibilities possible within a twinkle of
an eye.   

He is a spiritualist with a difference. He makes things happen spiritually, and performs wonders
with his holistic spiritual data research, which guides him in all the spiritual jobs he does. He is
very humble, honest and sympathetic on his holistic critical spiritual assignment and call of
nature. He has over 20 years of experience.  He is an expert in phrenology, chirognomy,
chiromancy, mysterious orisons, kabalistic magic, occult powers, philosophy, Necromancy,
thaumaturgy, original seals and talismans, Homeopathy, spiritual and psychic Development,
Esoteric Arts, white and Black magic, Holistic Health and wellness, cure of all killer diseases,
Herbs/roots, spiritual counseling and winning mystery of all mysteries.

Dr. Chukwuh is qualified and experienced to handle all your spiritual matters. You shall be glad
associating with him. Your one hundred percent satisfaction is his promise. He had effectively
handled thousands of spiritual cases across Nigeria, West Africa and beyond. Everyday he
receives clients and none had ever gone back disappointed.

Spiritualism is a process between shortsightedness and vision; it takes decades of study,
experiences and true wisdom for one to discover an open true holistic organized spiritual body of
this nature. Chief Dr. Chukwuh  takes over where others have woefully failed.

    Remember, your decisions today  determines your future.

                                      May the cosmic bless you!
About Dr. Chukwuh
Whom with his wealth of spiritual experience has turned
many lives from sorrow to joy, poverty to riches and
ignorance to creative bold visions.
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