I am a native of Apiapum in Obubra Local Government Area of Cross River State in Nigeria. I
am a Christian and forty-six years old, my mother was the third daughter of great farmers, Late
Chief & Mrs. Bassey Abeng in Adun both in Obubra Local Government Area, we speak
Mbembe, my people are very popularly in witch crafts.  A very rich man in our village may be a
very poor man in the water society, or a very poor man in the water society may be a royal king
inside the water, my people are not ashame  of witchcraft and its associate evils.

One can sacrifice all his children to the water society without tears or regret. A known barren
woman in the society can have many children under the water kingdom.     


I graduated from the University of Calabar in 1995 as a Civil Engineer, during my National
Youth Service Scheme in Kaduna, I had a little pain in my left leg, before I could contact my
people for money, I was already having what the doctors described as elephantiasis in both legs, I
started looking for cure from one Teaching Hospital to the other, one Prayer house to the other,
one Juju house to the other until I was introduced to one man, whom I call my second god, Chief
Dr. Chukwuh in April 11th 2006, after eleven years of incurable sickness, sorrow,
disappointment, rejection and pain. Surprisingly in September 2006, I stood again with my two
legs, and the person who did it to me came and openly confessed.

I had the greatest shock in my life when my biological mother was confessing, telling people that
she was using me to pay for other peopleís blood and flesh, which she has drank and ate for
many years. The worst was that for four good times, it was rumored that I had died and had been
buried. My lovely mother also claimed that she was sacrificing me to the water society against
her wish, that she had no other option than that after drinking and eating other peoples blood
and flesh for many years whenever it is her turn to sacrifice, that she was doing everything
under duress. That was how my elder sister died. But my mother refused to complain to anybody
for help while living in the inherited bondage from birth. My lovely mother is a witch. Seeing is
believing, I saw and believed. I am not regretting being a citizen of such places, but regretting
being part of such ugly and devilish inherited culture and custom.

I thank Almighty God for making it possible for me to discover Esoteric world Discovery.


Engr. M. B. Abeng
+234 7064606076

             Miraculous Reunification

Fellow women,

I am one of those women who never believed in miracles, I have always doubted every story.
I am from Cameroon, I am fifty two years old when my husband dumped me and married a
younger lady, I wanted to commit suicide, I had only two children for him, a boy and a girl, I
came from a poor family background, the father of my two children is from a royal family
background, but could you believe that after visiting the founder of Esoteric world Discovery, my
husband after seventeen years came back, we did not only reconcile but went a head to
concretize our wedding in the Court, even when I reveal to him the power behind our
reconciliation, we traveled to Nigeria to thank the man. We are both happy to know him. Divine
blessings to my friend who was very bold to take me to Nigeria only to save my family.

Mrs. Jeanne

     True testimony

I am from Orlu in the Eastern part of Nigeria, I served one Mike Ikenna Ezedimbu, for twenty
good years. He is a textile merchant in Onitsha main market in Anambra State of Nigeria.
When settled and send forth at the age of 28, I decided to shift to Lagos in the western part of
Nigeria, instead of textiles, I started the business of computer in Alaba International market, I
was one of the first few Nigerians who started the importation of fairly used computers, my
business continued till the first quarter of 2002, in the month of August 2007, I saw myself in
the hand of Chief  Dr. Chukwuh, the founder of Esoteric World Discovery receiving treatment.
All my business has gone, family scattered, my people told me that I suddenly in early hours of
one Sunday in February 2002 started dancing along the street (nude), all they did to bring me to
normalcy proved abortive until someone secretly introduced them to this very man, whom God
used to bring me back to life after six good years of being chained with legs and hands twenty
four hours throughout the year.
I know that the six wasted years, the six years of madness, the six years of loses, the six years of
friends and family denials and rejection  of sorrows, pains and shame will be recovered by the
special grace of God who removed death from my way during this trial period, though I lost my
beloved mother, she was buried when I was under chain, though I was in the village during her
burial but a mad man does not know himself, how could I have known about my mothers burial,
it is one of my regrets in life, but thank God for my survival.

I am making this testimony to disgrace the enemies of progress and to show appreciation to the
man who in spite of my being handicapped did everything to cure me.

I have gone back to Lagos hail and hearty, Iím no more on drugs, by the special grace of God my
wife will soon put to bed. If you need more information from me, please call,


Emeka Celestine Opara
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