We stock full herbal, homeopathic, hardware chemicals, all spiritual/philosophical books, native
items, and all spiritual /occult materials. We can arrange any occult materials seamlessly
through our direct or indirect spiritual courier communication services throughout the world
within twenty four hours.

Our products are consecrated in gold, diamonds, silver, amulets, charms, stickers, talismans,
perfumes, wallets, soaps, candles, wrist watches, rings, powders, spectacles, magical seals,
walking sticks, handkerchiefs, hand sets, belts, shoes, plates, life/artificial flowers and trees,
tables, keys, necklaces, bangles, pens, phone SIM cards, fancy bags, wall clocks, electronics,
furniture, combs, calculators, oil and any chosen material of your choice. It can be engraved,
drawn or painted.

We subscribe to the believe that thereís no problem without solution, no disease is irresistible,
incurable, unpreventable or irreversible. At the Esoteric World Discovery Ltd, we solve all your
health/spiritual problems, just name it and consider it solved. A problem discussed with an expert
is half solved and all the diseases you see as incurable are all curable in Esoteric World Discovery.

Except for the purchase of spiritual materials, The Esoteric World Discovery, does not handle
jobs or treatment unless a comprehensive holistic spiritual data research is carried out
concerning the problem or job in order to find out the root cause of the problem, to know the
type of spiritual aura involved, and the clientís spiritual/mystical life involvements and the type
of spiritual materials that can be used to solve it. This is because what works for Mr. A, may not
work for Mr. B, due to different natural spiritual destinies, inherited auras and other personal
life spiritual involvements.         

The cost of the comprehensive holistic spiritual data research is borne by the client. Everything
about the clientís job must be custom tailored to the clientís faith, choice and natural spiritual
immediate aura situation.

Why is this so? This is so because a times research information may be all-that one needs to
solve his or her spiritual problems. Not all spiritual problems need jobs or treatment and even if
your problem needs extra work or treatment, by carrying out a holistic spiritual data research,
the problem is half solved.


All financial expenses accrued from all spiritual data researches, all spiritual detecting of the
type of Aura, testing of all concluded jobs, spiritual materials and all processes and all developed
spiritual performances are borne by the client/customer.

None of our spiritual jobs has any side or after effect on the client or customer even when
misused, instead, it may attract another financial involvement and a fast spiritual holistic

The organization does not embark on any spiritual job they cannot reasonably and successfully

The truth is that, if you donít fight for your tomorrow definitely there may
be no tomorrow for you

                                     OUR BOND


Your one-year unconditional guarantee is our bond. Every product and service we offer is
guaranteed to work or your money back, provided you carry out instructions as directed and
pursue your job to it's final conclusion. No Logic,  No hanky- panky. Our word is our bond.

No matter what your situation or spiritual aura may be, our holistic spiritual data research for
every purpose helps us to achieve one hundred percent success in all our spiritual jobs, no matter
the spiritual obstacles involved.

Spiritualism is a process between shortsightedness and vision; it takes decades of true wisdom of
study for one to discover a true organized holistic spiritual body, like the Esoteric World
Discovery with itís connections worldwide.

The impact of Esoteric World Discovery, is being felt all over the world with testimonies on daily
basis.  We take over where others have woefully failed.

                  Man know thyself!
        May the cosmic bless you.
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